February 27, 2021
How to be yourself, the process

Democratic Republic of congo (Zaïre)


AFRICA, my first love

Congo is green all of over the country!

La beauté est naturel et incomparable!

Despite, pain and hate!

L’amour pour notre pays, nos sœurs et frères restera éternel comme la chanson de Trajedie: éternellement.

The strength of the people is special,

And the connection is magical,

We all dream of the day that we will just wake up and not be killed by our enemies,

We will never give up on our dream,

We have come from far away to just give up on our dream and hope,

Même quand il semble impossible de vivre, nous survivons.

Even when we hate everything that is going on, we remain deeply in love with our country.

Être patient c’est ne pas attendre mais agir en attendant. ‘Youssoupha’

The Democratic Republic of congo (Zaïre) is known for its massive natural resources; minerals: diamonds, gold, copper, colbats, content, …oil, music…

Our most popular traditional dance is ndombolo and rumba.

Happy independence day The Democratic Republic of congo (DRC)

Be you Congo!

photo: @sightsandwanders

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