February 27, 2021
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The colours of Autumn

It is the time of the year where we slowly dip into dark coloured style in North America.

Green leaves change into various shade of different colours such as burgundy , yellow, purple, black, orange, brown, magenta (purplish-red). The smell of hot chocolate and coffee on the street, lovers holding their hands and single people looking beautiful.

People still in denial of the smell of winter approaching, the sun still appearing here and there.

On the other hand, where I am from we do not wear much of dark colour but vivid colours instead.

We wear bright colours no matter what time. I am Congolese, we do not have autumn nor winter.

During autumn and winter, not many people like to wear bright colours In Toronto, because people will look at you like you are crazy and you will be the only one. I believe that too much of dark colours bring sadness and gives a depressed look, so it is good to spice it up sometimes.

How you feel on the inside will be shown on the outside (by your clothing style and choice of colour)

Do you guys have seasonal outfit and Colours or you prefer to wear different beautiful colours whenever pleased?

It is still not very cold in Toronto but last year we had a two weeks snowstorm during winter, luckily I was in Atlanta enjoying my vacation and then went to L.A, but when I landed in New York I was reminded of the cold since it is south to Canada.

Just be prepared and get a warm coat before it get expensive.

My favourite coat’s store: Ever New, Hudson Bay, winners, forever21, boohoo,…

During Autumn there is lots of activities and events to attend, also beautiful patios still open in downtown Toronto, which you should definitely check before winter.

For parties and events check out:

⁃ …

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