February 27, 2021
How to be yourself, the process

Why fear will change your life.


Don’t let yourself fall because of fear

You can not have balance if you are scared of falling.

Fear resented me to be happy

Fear scared the shit out of me

Fear beat me to death

Fear brought me panic attack

Fear hurt me

Fear destroyed me

Fear told me that I was not ready

Fear told me that it was not worth it

Fear told me I was not enough

I listened to fear for years

I believed fears more than anything

I taught for years that I was scared of pain

But Fear was the one

I was scared of everything and everyone forgetting that no one is perfect.

How can I fear while I have nothing to loose

How can I be so scared of everything

Is how life is supposed to be or we should let go and live as they said ‘life is too short’

I am tired of being scared

I can not do anything if no one is perfect

my good friend once told me let go of your fear, take risks learn and perfect yourself instead of expecting for perfection without working for it.

I have been taking risks, falling and standing up

it’s not easy but so far I feel good about it

I am learning and experiencing

I can see that I am more happy trying than chicken out and regretting.

Do not settle in your comfort zone, get out there and find your true happiness

remember pain is the key that will bring you to success and not bring you down.

Learn from it and move on

Your worst enemy is not pain

Your worst enemy is fear

Be fearless

Be You!

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