February 27, 2021
How to be yourself, the process

Does true love exist?


Self love is powerfull

Let me tell you that the best feeling of all time is falling in love with yourself!

No one should lie to you about that.

You can not love someone else if you do not love yourself first.

Most people fail in their relationships because they feel Insecure about themselves and they want someone to make them feel better.

Self love is the key to find the true love.

Self love put your insecurities out of the way.

Self love create a strong foundation for any relationship.

Self love is the longest relationship you can have and it never dies never fade.

When you have lack of self love you will be requiring attention from others to feel good in your own body.

When you do not have self love you feel empty.

I felt constantly empty and wanted for other people to love to feel that whole.

Life is miserable when you have to feel constantly wanted.

Honey it is time for you to take time and date yourself, know yourself, love yourself, you will know who you really are.

Get to know yourself, You will find your purpose in life.

take time to date yourself you will see that trying to know a person it is not a joke, it is not dating for just a month or two.

Trying to know yourself it is not easy but God will help through the process.

So please take time do not rush but be there for you because you need you more than anything and anyone.

you will leave happily ever after when you build that strong base with yourself.

When you bond with yourself you will know what you really want.

Love yourself and you will never feel empty or unwanted.

Know yourself and you will know how much your worth it.

Build a relationship with yourself and you will experience the longest, happiest, healthiest relationship in your life and you will be able to spread that love to others.

How do you know that you are worth it?

Self love enlightened me and show me that I am more and worth it.

Love yourself

Be yourself

Do you believe in true love?

Does true love exist?

Do you trust love?

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