February 27, 2021
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The best party of the year in Toronto

I have been living in Toronto for about 3 years, and it was hard for me to meet and enjoy within my community, all of my family members still back home, I did not have friends to have fun with, I felt like I was left out in a strange place. Do not get me wrong Toronto is beautiful place where you could never get bored, but trust me I was more than bored because sometimes we need our people, to keep and celebrate our root, so every time I have a chance to have fun with my community I do not hesitate because that reminds me of home.I recently attended the best all white boat party in Toronto hosted by Mc. Bonde ( African radio host and awarding winning MC) for his birthday. For the music we had the best DJs in Toronto DJ. Empire  and TK. Smothee . I met many amazing people that I admired their portfolio such as bloggers; Staymagnifique and models. The all white boat party occurs each year during summer in June and it keeps the same cool vibes all years around. The music was lit, the African inspired food made from the Mamaland restaurant was delicious and not to mention the view was just perfect. Once again happy birthday Mr. Bonde and thanks for hosting this event and bringing the community together. It’s has been such a long time that I danced and felt so happy at a party, without forgetting my favourite person who made that possible for me to attend Jemima Rubuye aka Miss beauty Africa 1st runner and blogger from Congo.Without forgetting the best DJs in Toronto who made my night by performing various kind of music. We went from hip hop, Rnb, zouk to African Rumba. The vibe was just tempting to shake my head like I could not stop moving for every beat! From this experience, I believe to also attend the next year all white summer boat cruise. MC: @MCBonde1 #TheVoiceOfAfrica, Thanks to John Green for those amazing pictures https://www.greenscreations.com/

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