February 27, 2021
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Best African events to attend in Toronto 2019

I recently participated at the face of African fashion Toronto and representing Thekscope, thank you YVONNE for the opportunity, it was held at the beautiful Cambrian gallery.

Jill Ezeudu is the face of 2019, I had such a pleasure meeting the face of 2016 the beautiful Francis very sweet and humble, the face of 2017 simply_zubeida, 2018 Kimberly.

For more information about the African fashion show which is coming up in August click here

Being part of the African community is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me, and I have decided to not just be apart of it but also contribute.

So I have decided to approach these amazing African organizations that have amazed and intrigued me by their work and accomplishments.

These community organizations choose to show their love to people by putting the beauty of our continent and it’s entrepreneurs out there not just for our own knowledge but for those who are not aware of all the amazing things happening in our community.

For African activities in Toronto visit:


2.All in one Africa

3. Afrosocialcentric

4. Afro vegan festival

4.African fashion week show

5. For all others, African events, activities and party Eventbrite is your guy

6. African’s biggest concert of the year visit Kpopsy

7. AfroFest (African festival in Toronto)

8. Caribana Toronto

Best African parties check out:

1.The vaults


3.Excuse my French

4.Perle noire

5. All white boat party

5. Mamaland restaurant and motherland_entertainment

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bag: janetboutique

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