February 27, 2021
How to be yourself, the process

BEMAK, The new popular brand in Toronto 2019

Be yourself for me is this simple law from Gandhi:

‘Be congruent, Be authentic, Be your true self’.

I found Bemak on social media, and I was so excited to be apart of the movement and to interview Prestilla. My favourite sweatshirt is, of course, Be yourself and I related in the second, and you can tell from my blog is named Beyou!

Bemak is a (fashion) brand created by Mak Prestilla, a beautiful Congolese woman (born and raised)  who was born and grew up in Paris, France. She travelled from France to Canada doing the business of beauty article, by importing beauty articles from Canada to France and vice versa, and she also visited some of her family members.

Recently, she packed her bags to make a permanent move to Canada. Ambitious to start her own business, driven by her boss lady spirit, she established her brand in Toronto in 2018. She recently finally completely moved in Canada for couple years now, ambitious to start her own business, driven by her boss lady spirit.

From a young age, she fell in love with fashion, in its official capital Paris, France, She falls in love with fashion since she was a kid in France fashion city and having a model like her sister really inspired her.

Bemak brand is a Unisex apparel created to inspire women, all over the world but with the high demand from a man too.

She is inspired by humanity, women, friends and her family that have supports her to find meaning in each powerful word on the sweatshirts such as: “Be yourself”, “Be strong”, “Be loyal” and “Be blessed”.

The sweatshirt is made of fake fur inside of the shirt which makes it so comfortable and warm.

I consider Bemak as a revolutionary brand with the messages on the sweatshirt. Prestilla does not have a problem balancing her life and her work, she has great people around her to support her work, such as her family and close friends.

Bemak has always had the mindset of an entrepreneur. Since she was young she wanted to build something out of nothing her words are: “DO NOT GIVE UP”.

she looks up into fighting for her dream and success, even though it is hard sometimes. ‘working hard is the key for her motivation, besides working,  she loves also boxing just like me, I think we should partner up sometimes haha

She is into every kind of shopping but not too much online shopping.

Her favourite part of living her dream as a fashion designer is creating clothes even though it takes time. For style, she looks up to Solange Knowles and Beckham Victoria. Prestilla is so wonderful as a human being, she is cool, outgoing and open-minded.

For her future business, she is working on a new, project: guiding newlyweds to plan their wedding which is really interesting and all we wish this beautiful strong lady success and keep being the boss lady.

Which brand inspires you?

sweatshirt: From Bemak

Bag: Aldo

Jacket: Zara

Mini heels: Fashion Nova

African print Choker: Perle noir; tribe pop chop

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