February 27, 2021
How to be yourself, the process


IMG_5755.jpegliving in a country where it is not easy to find food, clothes and jewelry from back home; an event like afrofest where we’re gathered at the same place with many other black people from all over the continent is so refreshing.
Having an opportunity like this every year for two days, since 1989 held by music africa, afrofest, and showcases, art ,crafts, culture and food. I am so grateful for all the people who work everyday to make it possible.

Every year, all black people get together to celebrate their community and showcase their music, dance, etc. there are handmade African product for shopping, African food, jamaican and more.

IMG-5785.JPGIt is really amazing because many people feel at home again because we are far from our homes makes us feel disoriented with our culture and ambiance.
At this event, I met the beautiful Tatiana missgo2girl for my all-access badge and she was really nice, I filled out the form and started the exploration, I first meet two beautiful Congolese girls. One of them just relocated from Ottawa and it was really nice talking to them.

Afterwards I saw this beautiful jewelry stand that was full of African Jamaican handmade print necklaces, earrings form  lovejewelerly

Next to there were food stands, I could not resist such as Suya spot from Nigeria, Okapi from D.Rc.Comgo, Mere double double and many more food stand like Jamaican. I am in love with food I can not help it ahaha

IMG_5777I saw a variety this children’s book stand knowledge bookstore specializing in Afrocentric literature, bibles, black dolls, beauty products, figurines and gift items, it has beautiful children’s books that made me wish I had access to those kinds of African children’s books as a kid.

I lost myself on The drum’s music and I danced umudiho which is traditional dance. you have no idea how much I loved it. However I think I should focus in practicing the dance instead of faking itloved it like you don’t have an idea, I think I should focus on practicing the dance instead of faking the dance hahaha

I was able to access the backstage area and took some beautiful pictures, the crowd was Crazy and beautiful, that weekend I felt like I was back in Africa and I loved that feeling.

IMG-5786.JPGThere were two stages the main and the secondary stage, both stages had music and people were dancing and screaming, the music was lit and we had a lot of surprises.
DJs like Dj empire, TK smothe ,musicians like the incredible Eddy kenzo and the Ghetto kids, dancers, photographers like Adote , and the amazing bloggers the children of the dark continent that I had such pleasure to learn and hang out with those amazing people during the all two days that I spent at the afrofest. Thank you guys for the love and support and for all the work you are doing for the community.

image_6546160IMG_5778I met this beautiful gorgeous woman IBUCHI wearing african print workout clothes I can not wait for the launching this summer to see and try the materials and hopefully show you the results.

People drove from all over Ontario and other cities to get together, and that really shows how much that means to the community. So much love and support for each other.Overall it was an amazing experience two days under the shiny sun with people dressed like back home.

I can not wait for the next AFROFEST 2019 (African festival).

Images by Jemima , Shelton

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